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Gospel Luke
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Luke: Book by Book

Luke is the third and final synoptic Gospel, but it is more than a monotonous repetition of Matthew and Mark. In fact, Luke goes into more detail concerning the events around Christ’s birth than any…

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Top Ten 1CFT Articles of 2016

2016 was a big year for 1st Century Faith Today. We surpassed our goals for growth and look forward to another year of providing thought-provoking, Christ-exalting materiel online. Here were our ten most read articles…

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Christian Living

Jesus Was Misunderstood Too

So many people have their minds made up about Christians. Some believe that Christians are nothing more than rule-keeping legalists, or self-righteous individuals. It’s a shame that many fail to investigate the true claims of…

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The Church of Christ Is Not…

To understand Christ’s church is to understand the mercy, grace, love, and riches extended to us by our mighty God. Yet, there are many within and without the body who berate Christ’s beautiful bride. Their…

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Thank God for Adoption

Adoption has been a blessing for many families. Often times, children are given a loving home when they otherwise wouldn’t have. I have had several close family members who have been adopted and have found…

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