Loving the truth
Christian Living

Righteous Love: Loving Truth

We live in a society that is self-described as “post-truth.” Terms like “fake news” and “alternative facts” are trending, and many have succumbed to the post-modern belief that truth is subjective. Such is why now,…

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God's Balance

Justice and Grace: God’s Balance

A lot of people would never dream of becoming Christians, and their resistance is understandable. Many people see God as egotistical, manipulative, and power-hungry. To these people, Christianity, at its core, consists of a god…

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Gospel Luke
Book By Book

Luke: Book by Book

Luke is the third and final synoptic Gospel, but it is more than a monotonous repetition of Matthew and Mark. In fact, Luke goes into more detail concerning the events around Christ’s birth than any…

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Worship Lies

The 5 Biggest Lies About Worship

Every human being worships something or someone. We are creatures of worship by nature. Some people worship science, sports, or their possessions. The Christian worships God and Him only (Mt. 4:10). God not only receives…

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Christian Living

Jesus Was Misunderstood Too

So many people have their minds made up about Christians. Some believe that Christians are nothing more than rule-keeping legalists, or self-righteous individuals. It’s a shame that many fail to investigate the true claims of…

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