3 Books That Should Be on Your Radar

Is there anything better than a good book? Christians are blessed with a myriad of prolific authors who contribute to our instruction in the faith. Here are three new/impending titles that I highly recommend you get your hands on soon.

1. How to Lose a Kingdom in 400 Years: A Guide to 1–2 Kings by Michael Whitworth

Michael Whitworth continues to build on his collection of relevant guides to God’s word with How to Lose a Kingdom in 400 Years. From what I hear, brother Whitworth does another masterful job with his treatment of 1-2 Kings. Though I am waiting for my copy to arrive (it’s in the mail), Whitworth’s writing style is sure to make his rehashing of this biblical time period something special. Hiram and I have been connoisseurs of all things Start2Finish for some time now and are excited How to Lose a Kingdom in 400 Years is now released.

How to Lose a Kingdom in 400 Years is available on Amazon and, for 15% off, on his website Start2Finish.org.

2. Forgiven, Forgiving, & Free by Dan Winkler

Last semester I had the absolute privilege of taking brother Dan’s class on Hebrews at Freed-Hardeman University. His personal experiences and his rich knowledge of the Scriptures will make this book worth way more than the $9.99 it’s listed for. Dan Winkler is a favorite preacher for many and I don’t think I’ve ever met a more compassionate or godly man.

Dan’s book can be purchased from his website here.

3. You Are a Theologian: Thinking Right About God by Ben Giselbach

Ben Giselbach’s second book in what appears to be a You Are a Theologian series is sure to inform and encourage. It’s not yet available for purchase/pre-purchase, but it is currently in the works according to a recent Facebook post and should be available soon. Stay posted on Ben’s site for more or check out the highly recommended predecessor, Thinking Right About the Bible here.

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Forest Antemesaris

Forest is currently serving as the college minister at the Finger church of Christ in Finger, TN while completing a B.A. in Bible at Freed-Hardeman University. He's also a graduate of the Florida School of Preaching. Forest, formerly an atheist, has a passion for apologetics and engaging our culture in conversation. Forest is an avid reader, writer, philosophizer, and coffee drinker (preferably dark roast).