Jesus was nearly always busy, but seemingly never in a hurry. Jesus was often involved in talking with individuals and even teaching multitudes (Mat. 4:23, 9:35; Jn. 3:1-2). Many times, individuals came looking for him to hear him speak, or to witness the performance of another miracle (Jn. 6:2), and Jesus seemed to have time for everyone. The fact that Jesus didn’t stay put in one place should bring Christians joy and encouragement as well as set an example for us.

Jesus is eternal, He always was and always will be (Jn. 1:1-3). Jesus was involved in the creation of the world and enjoyed the bliss of heaven with the Father (Jn. 17:5). However, Jesus didn’t stay put in heaven, as a matter of fact He left heaven and came to earth so that He could serve us and lead us on the path to get to heaven (Phil. 2 :5-8). I’m glad Jesus didn’t stay put in heaven, but was willing to move to earth for a short period of time for my benefit!  When I get to heaven, I will never be asked to leave (1 Thess. 4:17-18); but Jesus was willing to leave heaven for my benefit, I’m glad Jesus didn’t stay put!

In the month of December many set aside time to acknowledge and celebrate the fact that Jesus was born of a virgin and that he came as a baby into this world (Is. 7:14; Mat. 1:22-23). I am so glad that Jesus was born of a virgin named Mary and came as a child into this world to save us from our sins! I’m also glad he didn’t stay put as a baby! A baby cannot teach and set the example I so desperately need, a baby cannot walk amongst men and endure the temptation all humans face so that He can relate to the temptations of us all, and a baby did not die on the cross for my sins. However excited I am about the birth of Jesus as a child, I am glad He didn’t stay put as a child, but instead He grew and “increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man” (Lk. 2:52)!

Jesus ultimately went to the cross for the sins of all mankind, and he died so that our sins could be forgiven. Without his shed blood, we would still be in our sins (Heb. 9:22). Jesus was buried in a tomb and I’m glad he didn’t stay put there, but was resurrected the third day by the power of God (Rom. 1:4)! There are so many benefits Christians enjoy as a result of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Had Jesus stayed put on the cross, or in the grave, we could not experience the blessings we enjoy (1 Cor. 15:13-20; Eph. 1:3). Just think, had Jesus stayed put in the tomb, there would be no hope after death, the grave would be final, and torment would result. Aren’t you glad Jesus didn’t stay put, but kept moving and was raised from the dead?

Jesus fulfilled the will of the Father and is set down on His right hand in heaven (Heb. 1:3). Jesus has already come from heaven to earth, was tempted like we all are, and died, then being resurrected. I’m glad Jesus still will not stay put in heaven, but will leave heaven a second time to come and receive those who are His own so that we can enjoy the bliss and comfort of heaven and be in the presence of God eternally (Jn. 14:2-3)! Jesus loves us so much that although He is in heaven at God’s right hand, He will not stay put. Instead, He will leave heaven again and gather the faithful that are living and those who are dead in Christ, so that they can be with him forever (1 Thess. 4:16-18).  Jesus was always on the move! What great blessings we inherit as a result of his constant movement!

God wants His people to experience peace and have lives characterized by inner tranquility (Phil. 4:6-7). While we need to enjoy the peace that God provides, we should keep moving and never stay put. Someone needs us to move and share the gospel with them, but will we stay put? Someone needs us to give so that an orphan will have a home, but will we stay put in the comfort of our own lives? Another may need us to move so that we can restore them and bring them back to a right relationship with the God they once loved so dearly, but will we stay put (Jas. 5:19-20)? I’m glad Jesus set the example of all that can be accomplished when we keep moving and refuse to stay put. The fact that one is always busy is not necessarily evidence of fruitful service, but one with fruitful service must not be content with always staying put. Thank God Jesus didn’t stay put!