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Bible Study Gone Wrong (Part 1)

All who sincerely seek to please God and obey Jesus Christ would agree that there is a necessity to know what the Bible says (2 Tim. 3:16-17). In a day when “pop-psychology” and “philosophy” are passed off as preaching, there is a heightened importance for us all to study God’s word for ourselves and be sure that we are pleasing to God. But once I know that a diligent study of the Bible is necessary to know God’s will, how can I be sure I am doing it correctly? When can I know that my Bible study has gone wrong?

Most people bring a Bible to the assembly with them on Sunday and on Wednesday for Bible Study, but if this is the only time I pick up the Bible to study, I am not going to get as much out of the lesson as I should. While I agree that a public reading and studying of the scriptures is important, one must not limit his or her self by studying the Bible only when at the services of the church. On October 19, 2014 Peyton Manning broke the NFL Career Touchdown record for a Quarterback, throwing his 509th touchdown pass. It is hard to believe that Manning could achieve this goal by only picking up a football on game day or at pre-game. Do you think he could have broken the record if he only practiced when he felt it was required or convenient? On the contrary, Manning works almost non-stop and year-round so that his game can be polished every year (Pompei). If those engaged in  worldly pursuits recognize the need to put the proper time into preparation, how much more should those who desire to receive a much nobler prize ( 1 Cor. 9:24-25)?

If I only study my Bible when I am in the church assembly or when I am preparing for a lesson to teach, my Bible study has probably gone wrong.  In order to get the most out of Bible study, it must become a personal endeavor. To get the most out of lessons and sermons heard, one should study the lesson beforehand if they know what will be taught and familiarize themselves with the material. The assembly often just wets the spiritual appetite of the Bible student. Further personal study must take place to ensure what is being taught is accurate (Acts 17:11-12). Let’s not limit our Bible study to studying God’s word only when we are among other Christians and it is convenient. Personal Bible study is not always easy but it is rewarding as one will personally see what God desires of His creation and we will be able to better align our life with God’s righteousness ( Ps. 119:9-11).

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